1. It is your responsibility to read package descriptions carefully and to ask relevant questions before booking. Please do not make any assumptions and do ask for clarification. Packages include only what is listed and nothing more. Digital Files refer to the sending of images via e-mail or other digital form such as USB – they do not refer to prints.

2. €30 non-refundable deposit is required to secure bookings. The remaining balance is paid on the session day and is cash only.

3. Notice of cancellations/postponements given less than 72hours prior to appointment will incur a fee of €50. If you re-schedule more than once, a second deposit must be paid.

4. Sessions involving babies/young siblings can face problems such as tears, tantrums and general non-cooperation. While we try our best to overcome this, it is not always possible as certain things are beyond our control. Where such difficulties impact your final images, we cannot be held responsible. Please ensure your expectations for final images are realistic and in-line with how your session goes. No refunds/discounts can be given. The same conditions apply to pet sessions. Before booking, please consider the suitability of your pet when it comes to a studio session.

5. Booking a session with Tots&Tails means that you like our style and are happy to allow us the freedom to work within this style. Customers are NOT invited to select set-ups, props, style etc or to control a session. This can this impede the process and will almost certainly negatively impact your final results. If you have particular tastes or preferences which are not reflected in our work, we recommend seeking an alternative photographer.

6. The nature and use of props/backdrops/accessories is at the photographer’s discretion. Props/colours etc are selected based on what the photographer considers most appropriate for each individual session. It is not possible for customers to select props though you may certainly state a preference/dislike for something and we may be able to accommodate depending on the nature of the request. Please do not compare one session or one baby to another as there will be differences even when the same package applies.

7. If you are interested in a Newborn Session, please note that these sessions work only when baby is asleep. If baby is awake for much of the session, certain poses cannot be achieved and there may be issues with expressions, eye focus etc. We cannot be held responsible if such challenges impact your final images. Please ask for more details on how to prep baby for sleeping during their session.

8. Details such as messy hair, hair falling along face, open buttons, dishevelled clothing and so on will not be considered a ‘problem’ in any image where the detail is not overly obtrusive. Details such as these can be subjective, and if you do not highlight the ‘problem’ during your session, and we do not consider the detail a ‘problem’ during the editing process, there will be no additional editing available in order to ‘fix’ the issue. The same applies to issues such as image cropping, angles and posing. These are selected by the photographer based on each individual image and re-editing is not possible.

9. Family photos are taken against a plain background. The style is simple and natural as per examples on our website, package documentation etc.

10. Strictly NO photos can be taken by a client during their session. This includes the use of camera phones.

11. Tots&Tails retain the right to use all images for the purposes of showcasing work (eg: website, documentation, social media etc). We may use baby's first name and Facebook tag parent/s unless anonymity is preferred. If you do not want any images to be used, even anonymously, a further €25 fee applies (as per package descriptions) unless otherwise stated.

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