Baby Photography FAQ's

The following are some Frequently Asked Questions about our packages and about baby photography in general. Please note that all sessions are subject to our Terms&Conditions and we strongly recommend these are read in advance of your session - we will send these by e-mail.

1. Do I get to choose my baby's props/looks/images?
Booking with us means that you like our style and are happy to afford us the freedom to work within this style. We do not seek input from parents when it comes to creative decisions - believe us when we say that this rarely turns out well! While you are welcome (and encouraged) to express a preference or a dislike for something before or during your session, the photographer will ultimately make all decisions. It is also the photographer who decides which images to edit, not parents. The only images you see are the final edited images. If you have particular tastes or expectations, we strongly recommend the Platinum Package as this will ensure you get more variety and quantity.

2. Which Package should I choose?
If you are just looking for that one simple photo to frame (of baby only), and do not have particular expectations in terms of what you want baby to look like, then the Mini Package should suffice. If you also want family or sibling portraits included, the Standard Package will fit this. However, if you are looking for variety and/or quantity, and if you feel like you have preferences in terms of what you want baby to look like, we strongly recommend the Platinum Package. Please consider this carefully as the images you receive are your final images and no further changes/edits can be made at that point. The Platinum Package is also the best value for money as it includes twice the number of images and set-ups, as well as free framed prints of your choice.

3. How long does a baby session take?
Between 0.5 – 2 hours depending on baby and how much time they need to settle. Most of the time is spent settling baby. The more comfortable and happy baby is, the better your images will be! Session length may also depend on the package you have chosen.

4. Do I need to bring anything?
We will provide all of baby's accessories/props/outfits. However, we encourage you to bring along some outfit choices if possible, just in case! Please avoid prints/patterns/graphics and strong dark colours. Good colours are white, cream, beige, grey, denim, pastels, baby blue, baby pink. If you do not have anything like this, please do not feel the need to buy anything! Just let us know before your session and we will confirm if we have options to fit baby's size.

5. Can my other children be in a photo? Can we have a family photo too?
Yes, if you have chosen a package which includes this option. If siblings are involved, we will do their photo first. However, as baby needs a quiet space for their own images, we ask that siblings be taken from the premises after their image is completed. Please be mindful that young siblings have their own ideas about cooperating, and siblings images depend entirely on cooperation!

6. What should my other children wear?
In terms of clothing for siblings, please stick to neutral or pastel colours without prints or patterns. Jeans paired with white/cream/beige/grey tops are ideal, and everyone should wear similar colours if possible. This includes parents. Barefoot is recommended for all.

7. We do not have other children but myself and/or my partner would like parent/baby photos. What should I/we wear?
Plain white/grey/beige tops such as shirts, vests, blouses and t-shirts. Avoid prints, patterns and strong colours.

8. You send ‘digital files’ with all packages. What are ‘digital files?’
Digital Files refer to original files sent via e-mail. The benefit of owning digital files is that the image can be printed as many times as you wish, in any size you want. Images can be shared online and lost or damaged prints can be easily replaced. Collages, canvas prints and photo items can also be easily created with digital files. Ultimately, digital files give you complete control, especially compared to prints. Framed prints may be purchased separately.

For any other questions, we are happy to help!

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